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The Proper Way to Eat a Pig – New York Times
By Marine Hanel
Published: April 4, 2013

“On a recent morning in Portland, Ore., Camas Davis was teaching nine high-school kids how to butcher a pig. A 17-year-old named Mady called dibs on the front trotter, slicing through the skin near the pig’s ankle, then using a hand saw to cut through the bone. Nathan, 15, moved up the leg and worked through the hock, while Karina, 16, eyed the shoulder. Pushing up the sleeves of her red cardigan, she placed her blade between the fifth and sixth ribs, scored the flesh, then gave the knife a long pull, separating the shoulder from the carcass, but leaving intact the coppa — a muscle around the pig’s neck — in case anyone wanted to roast it. …”



Secret Gardens

By Marc Lostracco

“Located in the shadow of the Ashbridges Bay wastewater treatment plant lies a decrepit, listing chain-link fence along the foot of Leslie Street. The entire area is industrial and isn’t too pretty to look at, but behind the rusted gates of the ramshackle barrier lie 240 little squares of bright green, with splashes of purple, red and yellow.
The Leslie Street Allotment Gardens are one of 20 municipally-run public facilities, which apparently total more than 2,000 individual plots citywide. It is here in Toronto’s secret gardens where apartment dwellers and health foodies can grow their own vegetables, plant wildflowers, or just spend a silent, zen-like day with their fingers in the dirt. So, why doesn’t the City want to talk about them?”




Custom-made Danish bikes –

Prairie Gold Pastured Meats offers some of the finest 100% grass-finished beef and pastured pork in Central Alberta. The animals are cared for in a manner that is harmonious with nature and regenerative to the soil, the grasses, the animals, the eater.

Grass Farming – Truly Sustainable Agriculture

Farms that centre around perennial pastures and use grazing practises that mimic the natural behaviour of the great herds of the grasslands build topsoil, sequester atmospheric carbon, reduce erosion, increase water retention and drought resistance, produce a diverse sward of healthy, pest-resistant, high-energy grasses that bring optimal health to the grazing animals of the farm.

Pastured Meats – Raised with dignity, slaughtered with sanctity

A distinction of taste, nutrition, and ethics is drawn between animals raised outdoors: fed a diet rich in grasses, legumes, and forbs – and conventionally raised animals. Meat from animals raised on pastures has a rich flavour profile; a broad spectrum of highly available vitamins, minerals, and other metabolites; dignifies the life of the animal; and can be relished by the eater.

Paved, but Still Alive
By Michael Kimmelman
Published: January 6, 2012
We need to take parking lots more seriously, architecturally, and to think of them as public spaces, as part of the infrastructure of our streets and sidewalks.

“the wee house is a tiny house concept by alchemy architects. the house concept has many iterations as well.
the studio has now built 11 wee houses in a verity of sizes, all of which are wee. the houses are built by the
company from start to finish. the plans are customized for the client and pre-manufactured and shipped to the
location. the smallest wee house is only 341 sq. ft. and comes with a wood stove and full kitchen. after that,
the small wee house adds a bathroom and separate bedroom in 348 sq. ft.”

Sheep Lawn Mowers, and Other Go-Getters
Published: November 2, 2011
As the economy continues to freeze people out of the traditional job market, a number of entrepreneurs are starting small agricultural businesses.


Guerrilla Gardening with Rob Avis

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